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Volga Cliff Resort


Volga Cliff Resort is one of the best therapeutic complex in Russia.

Free Call:

8 800 200 26 43
Mountain skiing

Tourism in Russia in Volga Cliff Resort

Volga Cliff Resort is a modern therapeutic complex located at the very heart of Zhyguli mountains on the Zhyguli Sea shore.

Services provided for our guests:

  • Cozy living bindings;
  • Separate cottages;
  • Well equipped medical centre;
  • Picturesque rest zones;
  • Ponds, pools, restaurants;
  • Bars and conference halls.

Once you choose rest in Russia for yourself and your family in Volga Cliff Resort, you will surely enjoy high quality service and high lever of medical service. You will discover “Volga Switzerland” for yourself. This is a deserved nick name for the local places which was given for its crystal clear air, breathtaking mountain landscapes and mild moderate climate.

Perhaps these amazing unique landscapes were the main reason for choosing Volga Cliff Resort as a holder of “Russia-EU 2007” summit. On its eve, thorough overhaul was performed in all buildings of the resort, including medical ones, which were equipped with all brand new medical facilities. Volga Cliff Resort is justly claimed to be one of the best resorts of Samara region. Without any doubts, you will enjoy the quality of rest in Russia, high class medical treatment and top level service.

Special attention should be referred to vast picturesque territory and developed inner infrastructure: restaurants, pools, sauna, Russian banya and many other facilities. Very few resorts of Volga River basin may offer their guests a similar variety of services.

If you choose rest in Russia for yourself and your dear people, Volga Cliff Resort – one of the best variants for you in Samara region – is at your disposal.


One of the main service areas of Volga Cliff Resort remains treatment and prevention of different diseases. Only the key specialists of Russia are in our team. Volga Cliff Resort offers a large variety of therapeutic services. As distinct from other resorts of Volga River basin, the majority of procedures are included in the price of voucher. If you choose Volga Cliff Resort as a place of your rest, you get no only the best quality rest in Russia, but also various health improving procedures for the whole organism.

If you lead sedentary lifestyle, do not do any exercise and spend a lot of time driving, it will inevitably lead to malfunction of supporting-motor apparatus. In Volga Cliff Resort under the supervision of trainers and medical employees, you will get treatment and prevention from different malfunctions. This is achieved by doing therapeutic exercises, participating gym activities, swimming in the pool and training of special simulators. Moreover, we offer the sessions of underwater traction.

As distinct from numerous resorts of Samara and Samara region, Volga Cliff Resort is situated in ecologically clean zone, which is very important for the dwellers of megalopolises. In big cities every day we breathe a huge amount of harmful substances: common dust, carbonic acid, cigarette smoke, etc. That is why our lungs also need rest and regular prevention. This is necessary even for those who feel no problems with respiratory system. Massage, therapeutic exercises and different inhalations will help your tired lungs to be back to norm. Therapeutic massage is recommended for heart malfunctions. Rest in samara region, in Volga Cliff Resort is perfect for postprocess rehabilitation. For rehab of general tone of organism you will be offered dry carbonic bathes, mineral bathes and mud applications. Apparatus physiotherapy softly and painlessly treats a great range of diseases by magnetic and electromagnetic fields influencing the tissues of the organism. Volga Cliff Resort Specialists were the first among resorts of Samara and Samara region to use criotherapy — treating with cold.

Other medical services of Volga Cliff Resort:

  • dentistry;
  • removal of consequences of everyday stress;
  • treatment and prevention of diseases of gastrointestinal tract;
  • cosmetology cabinet.

Volga Cliff Resort specialists think that the main thing here is combination of medical procedures with active rest. Guests are offered foot, ski or bicycle excursions around the picturesque environs. Fresh air of pine forests, amazing sea and mountain views will set you to positive spirits, raise the general tone of organism and amplify the effect of performed procedures.

The quality management system Volga Cliff Resort certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 in the provision of services spa treatment and recovery.

If you prefer rest and treatment in Russia, Volga Cliff Resort is an ideal balance of price and quality of procedures, high level service and medical treatment. Volga Cliff Resort is justly considered to be one of the best resorts in Samara and Samara region. Here you will find all modern facilities of resort combined with virgin nature and clean air, high class service, atmosphere of expensive hotel and qualitative medical treatment.

Recreation center

Volga Cliff Resort offers 4 types of rooms and suites of different area, interior, furniture and window view, but all these number conform to the strictest international standards. Five room President Suite, two room suites of two categories, single and double standard rooms. In case you prefer to stay in your own suite, we offer you several separate cottages on Zhyguli sea chore.

The perfect view on Volga curve, clean air of Samara Luka Reserve — it is an ideal place for work and rest.

There 5 two storey cottages at guests’ disposal. The ground floor places sauna, hydromassage pool, billiards and room for relaxation. Kitchen, dinning room and negotiations room is situated on the first floor. On the top the bedroom zone is located. It consists of three bedrooms each of which is equipped with all necessary facilities, and «c-suite bedroom» with personal study. The study has its own entrance in order not to bother those who rest in the bedroom.

Spending time with family and friends, meeting with partners or holding of a small conference — cozy cottages have all necessary facilities for all these activities. Chief executives of the country, successful businessmen, politicians, celebrities and artists come to rest here.

Holding of conferences

You need to organize negotiations of the highest level, large business meeting or press-conference. Volga Cliff Resort provides everything needed for successful holding of your events. Our employees have profound experience of organizing conferences, forums, banquets and corporate events for chief executives.

We offer our guests the best among resorts of Samara and Samara region conditions combined with perfect service and highest level of comfort. If you plan a large event or press-conference, a good choice for you is Pavilion for Official Events. Here you will find the combination of brand new tendencies of architecture, Volga traditions and the most updated technical equipment.

Cinema-concert hall will suit for holding large press conferences and entraining events. It offers luxurious interior, cubicles for simultaneous translation, cinema equipment and modern acoustics.

Big conference hall is a classical decision for holding conferences and seminars, whereas cozy atmosphere of Small conference hall will be perfect for chamber events.